Community Outreach

These funds are given directly to organizations and causes that may not qualify for grant funding but serve a need in the community.  Outreach suggestions come to us through our board of directors, community partners, volunteer network, staff, and shoppers.

How does MTS determine how outreach funds are allocated?

Our Board of Directors submit outreach funding proposals at our monthly meetings or request a special vote for funding to meet an immediate need.  Outreach funds are discussed and voted on by the board of directors, just like grant funds. 

What is the difference between outreach funds and grant funds?

The answer is simple, grant funds are solicited by an organization and must meet specific requirements and outreach funds are given based on our board of directors seeing a need and deciding to support it. 

Do outreach funds come with specific requirements?

Our board of directors reserves the right to authorize outreach funding with requirements of the receiving organization/entity.  It is up to the receiving organization/entity to accept funding based on the conditions provided specific to the outreach proposal.  If funding is not accepted, the money returns to the pot that can be distributed to other causes.

How do I apply for outreach funds?

Outreach funds ARE NOT solicited for.  If you have identified a need in the community that does not qualify for Grant funding, please submit the details of it to our Board of Directors through this ANONYMOUS form. (form link)  Submission of a suggestion DOES NOT guarantee the request will be considered or receive funds. 

Our 2023 Outreach Initatives


  • PTO Starter Funds
  • Navy Marine Corps Relief Society 
  • Red Cross Disaster Relief
  • MCIPAC CARES Network
  • USO Camp Foster
  • Single Marine Program Okinawa


  • Lions Club Okinawa in support of the Cancer Children’s Parent’s Association