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Shop. Donate. Volunteer.


It is important to note that the Marine Thrift Shop is a US cash and check only location. Make sure to pull out money before stopping by! 

Where to Park

Customers, please parallel park at the FRONT side of the building. Walk up the red stairs towards the main entrance and once inside the store, turn right. 

The Marine Thrift Shop is not the only occupant in the building and to be respectful, the back parking lot is reserved for the rest of the building employees. 

The only exceptions to the back parking lot are those that require handicap ramp access and shoppers with strollers. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 


When shopping, you may see that there will be many items priced with different colored stickers. To the right, you will see our sticker pricing guide.

Items such as clothing are priced at a set amount, you will be able to find these prices framed within the shop. 

Our Reward/ Stamp Card

Did you know that for every $5 spent, you get a stamp? Once you fill up your stamp card, it will count as a $5 reward that may be applied to your next purchase. 

(Reward cards may not be applied to bag sales)