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Shop. Donate. Volunteer.

How to Volunteer

We are always in need of volunteers. 

To start volunteering, simply walk towards the donations sorting area during business hours and we can get you started. Volunteers are welcomed to help for any amount of time. First-time volunteers will need to sign a New Volunteer Contract and receive a quick training.

Group Volunteering and Youth Volunteers

Youth under the age of 14 may volunteer, but are required to have a parent signed waiver and must be supervised by their parent or team leader at all times.

Groups of 5 or more volunteers need to schedule a specific day and time using the link to the volunteer calendar below. 

Benefits of volunteering

LOAs are printed upon written request.  Please allow 1-2 business days after submitting a request to the management. 

Volunteers can receive a $5 store credit after every 20 hours of volunteer service at MTS.  

Volunteers may receive half off of their purchases after volunteering 2 hours in a single day. 

Snacks and drinks are provided in our break room. 

Click Here for Volunteer Calendar

We appreciate our volunteers!

Venturing Crew 1


Thank you to the Angels Kickball team for such a successful donations day!